VP: “Indonesia could pay forgotten Sjafruddin more respect”

Dr. Sjafruddin Prawiranegara re swearing in of Anti-Sukarno rebel government cabinet in Sumatra, 1958. Picture: LIFE

JAKARTA: Vice President Boediono suggested the government pay more respect to the often forgotten former country leader Sjafruddin Prawiranegara, who ran an emergency government during the 1948 Dutch military aggression which saw then president Soekarno and vice president Hatta held captive.

However, Boediono declined to comment on whether Sjafruddin was fit for the title of national hero.

“I don’t want to get into the political aspect,” Boediono said during an event to pay homage to Sjafruddin, in Jakarta on Monday, as quoted by tempointeraktif.com.

Sjafruddin was born in Anyer Kidul, Banten, February 28, 1911[2]. The descent of Bantenese and Minangkabau extraction. His father, R. Arsyad Prawiraatmadja was the grandson of Pagaruyung family, Sutan Alam Intan.

Educated in the Dutch-established education that was opened to the better-off indigenous population from 1903, he went on to study at Rechtshogeschool (the Dutch tertiary education institution designed originally to provide Indonesian-speaking staff for the law courts, and which eventually became the University of Indonesia), graduating in 1939.

He was an editor and former minister of finance. In 1950s, he was involved in the PRRI rebellion against the centralization of government but itwas a failure. On 25 August 1961, Sjafruddin surrendered to the army. He was imprisoned until 26 July 1966.

Upon release, Sjafruddin tended to express himself more through religion, preaching against corruption under Sukarno, and leading the Petition of 50, and opposing the concept of Pancasila as the sole guiding principle for all groups, especially religious ones, in Indonesia.

Due to this activity, Suharto banned Sjafruddin from leaving the country; Sjafruddin however continued to espouse his beliefs up until his death in 1989. He died of heart failure on 15 February 1989. — The Jakarta Post, Wikipedia


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