The Bloody Voyage to Gaza

Darul Aqsha

gazaAuthors: Dzikrullah W. Pramudya, Santi W. Soekanto, Surya Fachrizal,

PELAYARAN Berdarah Menuju Gaza (The Bloody Voyage to Gaza) is the first book which compeletely carries the testimonies of 12 Indonesian volunteers and journalists on board Mavi Marmara ship.

More than two months ago, the ship that carried the human relief was attacked and hijacked by the Israeli commandos on the Mediterranian Ocean. Nine people were killed during the attack.

The 227-page book is written and edited by a team of journalists (volunteers aa at once) with Dzikrullah W. Pramudya, Santi Soekanto and Surya Fachrizal as its core membership. The three were among the eyewitnesses during the moments of the massacre and hijacking by the Israeli troops.

The bullet hit-his chest on the right side, penetrated and tore his body’internals organs, then lodged in his stomach: The bullet was removed from his stomach shortly after he arrived in Jakarta.

Nevertheless, this book also represents the nine volunteers and journalists on the ship. It carries a narration of Okvianto Emil Baharuddin, a journalist whose right hand was shot when he was holding a fire hose to drive away the armed Israeli troops who tried to climb on the shit-from their speedboats. Another, story comes from Dr Arief Rachman, a physician who was taking care of some of the victims, including fellow journalists and a volunteer of Turkey whose forehead had a black hole from the barbaric lsraeli troops’s shooting.

The book, written in Indonesian with a good cover design, also presents some events before and after the earth-shaking attack which was edited by senior journalist Pambudi Utomo.

The first edition of the book was jointly published by the Indonesian publishers of Optima Sahabat Al-Aqsha and Hidayatullah Media in July 2010. The price of the book is Rp50,000 (around BND$7,7) per copy. One hundred per cent of the book sales profit will be channelled to Palestinians in Gaza through the Sahabat Al-aAsha, Muslim families network and educational – educations who support the liberation of Masjid Al-Aqsha and Palestine.

Islamia/The Brunei Times
Friday, 6 August 2010


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