Clarification that Irfan Dahlan, A Son of the Founder of Muhammadiyah, Was Not An Ahmadist

Irfan Dahlan

“Many rumours mentioned that my father was Ahmadist or follower of Ahmaddiyah, but we in family realized that it was only fitna. My father with all his life was Muhammadiyah who had sacrificed his whole life protecting reputation of his father by fading his profile in a land that little known by members of Muhammadiyyah in Indonesia,” Prof. Dr. Winai Dahlan, a grandson of KH Ahmad Dahlan, wrote.


Winai_dahlanProf. Dr Winai Dahlan is the director of the Halal Science Centre (HASCI) in Thailand, named the Best Innovation in the Halal Industry by Malaysia’s Halal Journal. HASCI promotes halal manufacturing and service through exhibitions and regional cooperation with Halal Centres in Indonesia and Malaysia. Dr Winai Dahlan is involved in scientific training and has written more than 30 original research articles published internationally and locally. He has also produced more than 2000 scientific and nutritional articles; writing weekly in 3 magazines since 1989.;


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