Hussein Djajadiningrat: The First Indonesian Doctor and the Respectful Intellectual in the Netherland

“Two of Hussein’s works above were just the beginning of the other works on the Indonesian history that Hussein made him not only crowned as the ‘Father of History Science Methodology in Indonesia’, but also the ‘first Indonesian Indolog’ or expert on the indigenous people. This event was important because since it was no scientific perspectives about Indonesia by Indonesian natives themselves. This event was also a significant because even to this day when I look for in international journals or books in the English language libraries of the world, the study of Indonesia is still dominated by foreign names, and very hard to find the name of Indonesia. What would happen if the world’s understanding of Indonesia is only determined by the foreigners only?” — Wijayanto, a PhD student in the Faculty of Humanities, University of Leiden, The Netherland, a receiver of DIKTI-2012 scholarship.

Hoesein Djajadiningrat_COLLECTIE_TROPENMUSEUM_Professoren_der_Rechts_Hogeschool_in_Batavia_TMnr_60012567

hoesein book



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