Two Indonesian musicians win ‘Best Music Director’ awards at 56th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Macau


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Two Indonesian musicians, Zeke Khaseli and Yudi Arfani won awards at 56th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Macau on Sunday, 15/12. Both won awards as Best Music Director in film of ‘What They Don’t Talk About Love.’

Khaseli and Arfani set aside some big names, such as Shigeru Umebayashi with ‘Grandmaster,’ Taro Iwashiro ‘Ask This of Rikyu,’ Jay Chou ‘The Rofftop’ and Shane McLean ‘Mt. Zion.’

“We are little surprised with this achievement, because other nominees are weight classes. However, we are honored with this appreciation as best film music director in Asian level,” Khaseli said on Tuesday, 17/12.

appf1Asia Pacific Film Festival is an annual event organized by Federation of Motion Picture Producers in Asia Pacific. ‘Like Father, Like Son’ from Japan becomes Best Film. This film tells about two families whose children are switched one another at birth. The director, Hirokazu Koreda also won Best Director. Zhang Ziyi is awarded Best Actress through ‘Grandmaster,’ while Lee Kang Sheng as Best Actor with ‘Stray Dogs.’

‘What They Don’t Talk About Love’ is the first Indonesian film competing at Sundance Film Festival for the World Cinema Dramatic. The film also won Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) Awards as Best Asian film in International Film Festival Rotterdam.,4421.htm


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