Renown Muslim singer Opick to sing 17 songs for Palestinian people

opick act

Popular Muslim singer Opick is ready to sing 17 songs in a charity concert for the people of Palestine at Academic Activity Centre Dayan Dawood Building in Banda Aceh, Aceh Nanggroe Darussalam this Sunday morning (5/1) at 8.30-12.30pm.

“InsyaAllah (if God willing), I will sing some 17 songs to raise the spirit of audience to help people in Palestine,” Opick said during a press conference in Aceh, Saturday (4/1).

opick actiIt will be his special performance because The Tombo Ati band and Acehnese poet Ayah Oon will accompany him.

Besides, he will auction some of his stuff to raise the fund. “The money from the auction will be given to Palestinian people through the National Committee for Palestinian People (KNRP).

opick For Palestine by Ubay KPI (24)

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