4 Indonesian Directors Collaborate in a Kids Omnibus Movie


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Four Indonesian directors—Rizal Mantovani, Upi, Eko Kristanto, and Alfani Wiryawan—teamed up to create an omnibus movie for children titled Princess, Bajak Laut & Alien (Princess, Pirate, and Alien).

Rizal Mantovani directed one part of the movie called Kamu Bully Aku B-Boy (You’re a Bully, I’m a B-Boy). It tells the story of a student who is often bullied by his classmates. Desperate for a way out, he comes up with a breakthrough dance.

Another director, Eko Kristanto, worked on an adventure called Misteri Rumah Nenek. Alfani Wiryawan came up with a family drama titled Babeh of Babeh, casting the comedic Tora Sudiro. Lastly, Upi closes the omnibus with Princess, Bajak Laut & Alien, the story of an alienated boy who likes reading.

The omnibus has proven to be quite a challenge for the quartet, as they tried to combine four different ideas. The movie, as the directors expected, can serve its purpose; to enrich the Indonesian movie repertoire, particularly for children.




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