Indonesian animation movie trailer on ‘Battle of Surabaya’ gets a world award in US


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, YOGYAKARTA – Indonesian animation movie trailer titled Battle of Surabaya (BOS) awarded the International Movie Trailer Festival (IMTF) in 2013 for category of People’s Choice Award. Film by STMIK Amikom Movie Studio and MSV Pictures set aside hundreds of movie trailers from 20 countries, such as USA, UK, Spain, France and Australia.

IMTF was followed by 246 movie trailers from various countries. The 2D film animation is choosed by 6,580 anime fans. The film grabs 1,869 votes over his rival, The Two Pamelas from USA.

M Suyanto

M Suyanto

BOS Executive Producer, M Suyanto is happy the animated movie welcomed internationally. Basically BOS will only be marketed in the country.

“We made this movie for domestic market, but it has received international appreciations. Its market will be expanded,” Suyanto said recently.

bos1Battle of Surabaya is an epic battle that took place in Surabaya on November 10, 1945. It was one of the most heroic and violent episodes of the Indonesian Independence War. This movie tells the story of an ittle shoeshine, Musa. He becomes a letter courier between Indonesian soldiers and militants. He dreams to be a hero in the battle.

Suyanto said that the animation wanted to tell that everyone could be a hero in his own way. The film is also made in games, story books and picture books.



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