Hanung Bramantyo’s ‘Soekarno’ critized of discrediting Islam and twisting history

soekarno pict
“Then who is the guy with turban who screaming to enforce Islamic law? It’s really cheesy movie, because originally the fundamentals of the country are discussed in elegant, full politeness, and still within the frame of nationality,” Suja, nickname of Supriadi Jae, an activist of Muhammadiyah, told the Rakyat Merdeka Online (Wed, 19/12/13).

Soekarno-Film-wallpaper“Does Hanung not understand the (Indonesian) history or knowingly and intentionally distort history?” added Suja.

soekarno2In the movie Sang Pencerah, for example, Hanung was so ambitious to reduce the struggle of the modernist Islamic movement of Muhammadiyah to a mere question of textual and contextual understanding. While in the film PerempuanBerkalung Surban, Hanung so eager to corner the Islamic education system which has long been rooted and contributing to the development of the nation’s character.


Now, Hanung attempted to corner the Indonesian Muslims is clear in the film Soekarno.



‘Not less interesting to observe the director and stylist fashion faux pas at a scene on the meeting that gave birth to the Pancasila. At the scene the deputy faction of Islam is not only described as a mob tempered screaming impose Islamic law as the basis of the state, but they also appear in clothing that reminds me of the workers of the Indian subcontinent when they clean the Grand Mosque in Mecca,” Dr Salim Said, a film critic, journalist, expert on Indonesian military history and former ambassador in his review.

Dr Salim Said

Dr Salim Said

“And when it comes to the depiction of Islamic figures and their clothes are like porters who cleans Masjidil Haram, Hanung might indeed have a contemptuous attitude to the Islamic representatives in the state assembly to discuss the basis of the state at that time,” Said added.


Sjahrir, Soekarno & Hatta

Sjahrir, Soekarno & Hatta




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