‘Zakat’ granted for victims of Sinabung volcanic eruption in N. Sumatra and Manado floods in N. Sulawesi

“Baznas (national Agency for Religious Alms) have coordinated the provision of assistance to the Provincial and District Baznas, the Cities affected,” KH Didin Hafiduddin told Republika on Sunday (19/1).

didin hHe said, for disaster management program of Baznas, called ‘Indonesia Peduli’ (Indonesian Care). Currently, some local charity Agency (Bazda) have activated their zakat role in the disaster area in Indonesia. Like the existing Bazda in Karo district, which has been providing assistance to victims of Mt. Sinabung. This is done by Baznas in cooperation with Bazda of Sumatra.


sinabungThen, add to Didi, for in the region of Manado, Baznas cooperates with Bazda and Manado provide relief to flood victims in this weekend.

floods manado

As for Jakarta, in addition to the down immediately provide assistance, Baznas also directly collaborating with other agencies such as, Basarnas (National Search and Rescue Agency)and Tagana (Youths who Ready for Helping Victims of Calamities).

floods jak

floods jkt



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