Muslims demand Vatican envoy leave Malaysia

Members of the Perkasa group and Jati Movement protested in the front of the Vatican embassy in Kuala Lumpur demanding the return of Archbishop Joseph Marino. The group said an apology was not enough Marino to make amends, Friday, 17/1/2014.

Dato Ibrahim Ali

Dato Ibrahim Ali

“Joseph Marino is the ambassador persona non grata in Malaysia. He is not wanted here and has to leave Malaysia,” the Perkasa leader Datuk Ibrahim Ali was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.

The group filed a memorandum of protest to the Vatican embassy. “We seriously urge the Vatican envoy to withdraw voluntarily from Malaysia, because the statement is not wise and is not acceptable, which caused outrage from the Muslim community,” said a memorandum was sound.

Vatican ambassador to Malaysia Archbishop Joseph Marino

Vatican ambassador to Malaysia Archbishop Joseph Marino

Marino – who arrived in Kuala Lumpur about six months ago – recently said the Christian Federation of Malaysia filed a reason of “logical and acceptable” arguments related to the use of the word of ‘Allah’ in the Bible in the Malay language and other literature.

His remarks sparked protests from the Muslim community and Marino proposed apology through Foreign Minister Seri Anifah Aman. He said that it does not intend to interfere in the domestic issues of Malaysia.

Dato Ibrahim Ali


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