West Java, a target of christianization: Mosque Council

krist mochtar-makelar-gereja

According to Zulkarnain, many Muslim communities in West Java were successfully converted to Christianity with some motives, namely economic problems and marriage motives. the prone areas of apostasy in West Java are occurred in Cianjur, Garut, Bandung regency and others.

kristenisasi“The Apostasy continues to occur because there are missionaries who spread their religion to the people who have another religion,” Zulkarnain, Chairman of the West Java branch of Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI), told Republika Online, Sunday 19/1/2014.

kristenisasi-ciketingAccording to Zulkarnain, the famous Sundanese culture is so friendly to every newcomer, and it is used by the missionaries to facilitate their mission. With this culture, the Sundanese have been becoming an easy target.




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