Mosques in Bali develop business sector

masjid baitul makmur

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, DENPASAR – Some mosques in Bali develop business sector to self sufficiently finance their religious activities. Among others, they rent some space nearby the mosques for shops.

Take Baitul Makmur and Ukhuwah mosques, for example. A head of Baitul Makmur Foundation, Sentot Surengrono said the mosque rented 20 shops for 500 thousand IDR each. The mosque can pocket at least 120 million IDR from the business.

“We use the money to finance many activities in the mosque,” Surengrono said.

Location of Baitul Makmur mosque is very strategic because it’ close to a school which is good for shop business.

While Ukhuwah Mosque located in western part of Denpasar, becomes one of business centers in the island. According to a staff member working in the mosque, Ukhuwah mosque has some shops for rent and gets at least 125 million IDR as monthly revenue.

Ukhuwah Mosque also develops an Islamic kindergarten. The profit gained from this sector is used to finance the mosque’s activities and help other mosque in Bali to run their activities. — Reported by Ahmad Baraas/Mutia Ramadhani, edited by Yeyen Rostiyani


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