Muslim scholars concern about people who stay away from mosque

Amri Amrullah/Mutia Ramadhan

DEVELOPMENT of Grand Mosque in various regions in Indonesia gives pride for Muslims. However, ulama (Muslim scholars) concerned that construction of mosque is not accompanied by spirit of people to practice their religion.

Imam of Istiqlal Mosque, Ali Mustafa Yaqub, for example, saw the magnificent and glorious of Baitul Izzah Grand Mosque in Tarakan, North Kalimantan. Unfortunately, Muslims are not so much in the mosque.

KH Ali Mustafa Yacoub

KH Ali Mustafa Yacoub

“We worry about such condition. People are competing to build mosque, but they are getting away from activities in the mosque,” Yaqub said recently.

This phenomenon has been going on almost in all parts of Indonesia. Many local governments are so eager to build a magnificent mosque, but Muslims in the region are not interested to put their religious activities such as five time prayer in the mosque.

The condition must be a common concern by local government. Prophet Muhammad has warned such condition as sign of apocalypse which is getting closer.

Ahmad Satori Ismail

Ahmad Satori Ismail

Chairman of Indonesian Association of Dai, Satori Ismail said that the phenomenon should be a concern of ulamas and government. A strong Islamic society is a society which closes to the mosque. He asked all parties to reactivate the mosque based community development. This step is important to bring young generation to love mosque.

Monday, 20 June 2014


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