AL-BAITAR (1188 – 1248): “A Notable Botanist and Pharmacist of the Islamic Golden Age”



Name: Abu Muhammad Abdallah Ibn Ahmad Ibn al-Baitar Dhiya al-Din al-Malaqi
Title : Al-Baitar, Al-Baytar, botanist, chemist, pharmacist and physician
Birth : 1188 in Malaga, Andalusia (Spain)
Death : 1248 in Damaskus, Syria
Nationality : Andalusian-Arab
Region : Andalusia (Iberia)
School : Arabic literature, Islamic science, Mu’tazili
Main interests : Botany, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Physics, Agriculture
Works : Kitab al-Mlughni fi al-Adwiya al-Mufrada, an encyclopedia of Islamic medicine; and Kitab al-Jami fi al-Adwiya al-Mufrada, one of the greatest botanical compilations in history, and was a botanical authority for centuries. It was also a pharmacopoeia (pharmaceutical encyclopedia), containing details on at least listing 1,400 plants, foods, and drugs, 300 of which were his own
original discoveries. It referred to 150 other previous Arabic authors as well as 20 previous Greek authors. Translated into Latin in 1758, it was being used in Europe up until the early 19th century. — Wikipedia;

Islamia/The Brunei Times
Friday, June 11, 2010


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