Hajj Operational Surplus Rp 417 Billion

haj3“Director General of Hajj and Umrah Operation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) Anggito Abhimanyu revealed that in 2013 haj operations generated a budget surplus of Rp 417.9 billion.

Anggito Abimanyu

Anggito Abimanyu

This achievement, Abimayu said, exceeding the operational budget surplus in 2012 to Rp 122.5 billion in 2011 and Rp 170.5 billion.

The increase in the budget surplus was due hajj pilgrimage cost (BPIH) optimization hajj funds, expenditure efficiency, and reduced the risk of lodging and the success of minimizing currency exchange losses .

“This surplus is the largest number we ever got out of the hajj operations,” said Anggito at MORA office, Jakarta , on Tuesday (28/1/14).

haj2In 2013, the hajj operational income reached Rp 9.36 trillion. Meanwhile, operational expenses incurred amounted to Rp 8.94 trillion. The difference between revenues and operational costs of this, Abimayu said, which resulted in a surplus .

Budget surplus will be used to improve the service of pilgrims for the next Haj operation. “The money was not used for the haj and umrah operation, haj pilgrimage payment, salaries, not divided, but is saved back into surplus and will be used to fund the next pilgrimage , ” he said.




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