Japan, Indonesia to develop Islamic tourism

halal tokyo
Ichsan Emrald Alamsyah/Mutia Ramadhani

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID – Japan cooperates with Indonesian Islamic tourism industry because the industry seems promising. Base on a consultant data of the Crescentrating Halal Friendly Travel and Dinar Standard, Muslim tourists spend about 126 billion USD globally, while for hajj and umrah pilgrimage

They spend 16-18 billion USD. The agency predicts that the figure will increase to 192 billion USD in 2020.

A halal resto in Tokyo.

A halal resto in Tokyo.

Halal Development Foundation Japan (HDFJ) invited Chairman of Indonesia’s Sharia Hotel and Restaurant Association (Ahsin), Riyanto Sofyan to explain the potential of global Islamic tourism. Both sides agreed to develop halal industry including tourism and hospitality in Japan. Sofyan Hotel and Management assists Ministry of Tourism and Ceative Economy and National Islamic Council of Indonesian Ulama Council to draft grand tourism plan.

Sofyan said that among others, understanding the lifestyle of Muslim tourists was key factor to attract them. For example, Muslim tourists always look for sharia compliant food and hotels.

A Turkish halal resto in Tokyo.

A Turkish halal resto in Tokyo.

“Without sharia compliance, Muslims hesitate to eat or drink Japanese food and products,” Sofyan said recently.

The First Secretary of Japanese Embassy, Kamite, confirmed that Japanese Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism would come to Indonesia. He was reportedly very interested in developing sharia hotels and tourism. Hence, he plans to learn about halal kitchen at Sofyan Hotel and taste halal food during his visit.

Japanese Muslims performing Jum'ah prayer at a grand mosque in Tokyo.

Japanese Muslims performing Jum’ah prayer at a grand mosque in Tokyo.



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