NU urges National Police to approve police women wearing hijab soon

hijab policewomen

“Wearing the hijab is human rights for those who want to wear it, it is already protected by the Constitution and in line with the principles of law, law based democracy,” said Slamet Effendy Yusuf, Chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama executive board, Monday, 3/2/14.

Slamet said, Police Chief Sutarman previously had an encounter with him and a few representatives of NU and of MUI (Indonesian Ulama Council). In essence, they were asking for Police Chief quickly to pass legislation, and to ensure freedom of policewomen to wear the hijab. Personally the police chief must fulfill it.

Previously, Chairman of the Consultative Board of the NU KH Hasyim Muzadi asked the Police chief Gen Sutarman to immediately issue written permission and regulation for police women to wear jilbab. “It does not need to wait the DPR (House of representatives), the police chief’s decision is enough. Why the headscarf matters become really hard, while another matter is so easy?” Hasyim said on friday night, 31/1/14.

hijab for policewmn


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