WANG ZI-PING (1881–1973): “Pioneer of Therapeutic Martial Arts”

Wang Zi-Ping

Wang Zi-Ping

Name : Wang Zi-Ping
Title : Wushu Grandmaster, Chinese-Muslim practitioner of Chinese Martial Arts and traditional medicine; doctor of traumatology, advisor to major hospitals in China, a well-rounded martial artist.
Birth : 1881 in Changzhou, Hebei, China
Death : 1973
Ethnicity : Chinese ethnic group of Hui
Region : East Asia
Main interests : Chinese martial arts Cha quan, Hua quan, Pao Chuan, Bajiquan, and Tai Chi Chuan.
Notable ideas : Well versed in all the major weapons, in Qinna (techniques of catching and locking an opponent’s joints or muscles/tendons), Shuaijiao (wrestling), free fighting, hard Qi Gong, light body technique, and many more. Combined his adept knowledge of Qinna with his bone setting skills and originated a well-known system of treatment for sports and Wushu related injuries in Northern China, he found Therapeutic Qi Gong (prana force). Developed Ching Long Jian (Green Dragon Sword) and Quan Shr Er Shr Fa (Twenty Fist Method) movements in martial arts; and developed an exercise regimen for long life. — Wikipedia; Republika;


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