AL-MAS’UDI (871 – 957): “A Great Muslim Traveller and Geographer”



Name : Abul Hasan Ali Ibn Husain Ibn Ali Al-Masu’di
Title : Al-Mas’udi, geographer, historian, physicist, xplorer, the Herodotus and Pliny of the Arabs
Birth : 871 in Baghdad, Iraq
Death : 957 in Cairo, Egypt
Ethnicity : Arab
Region : Iberia (Al-Andalus)
Main Interest : Geography, History, Physics and Music
Notable Ideas : His researches and views extensively influenced the sciences of historiography, geography and
earth sciences. Made a systematic study of history with a perspective of geography, sociology, anthropology and ecology. Added a deep insight into the causes of rise and fall of nations. Found out the causes of the earthquakes of 955, as well as the secrets of the water of the Red Sea and other problems in earth sciences. The first author to mention windmills, which were invented by the Muslims of Sijistan. Provided important information on early Arab music as well as music of other countries. Created a change in the art of historical writings, introducing analysis, reflection and criticism of historical events. This was further improved by Ibn Khaldun (1332 – 1406).
Works : Muruj al-Dzahab wa al-Ma’adin al-Jawahir (Meadows of Gold and Mines of Precious Stones), Muruj al-Zaman (Meadows of Times/thirty volumes), Kitab al-Ausat (Book of the Midpoint) and Kitab al-Tanbih wa al-Ishraf (Book of Reminder and Overseer) — &


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