Saudi embassy, foundation to host the Quran and Hadith reading contest in Indonesia

quran-on-display-in-jakarta_408496Dwi Murdaningsih/Mutia Ramadhani

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID – Attache Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Indonesia in collaboration with Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Alu Su’ud Foundation to host Quran and Hadith recitation competition. This event will be held at Sunda Kelapa mosque, Jakarta on Feb 12-13, 2014 followed by 81 participants from 12 countries.

Secretary of Committe, Gunaim Ihsan explained that they invited 18 countries, but only 12 of them would send their representatives, especially Asian countries and former Soviet Union and Pacific countries, such as Australia and New Zealand.

“Some of them cannot confirm due to some conditions,” Ihsan said recently.

There are five categories, namely Quran recitation of 30 parts, 20 parts, 15 parts, 10 parts, also 500 Hadiths recitation category. Around 100 hadits must be memorized including their sanad (the chain of narrators of the hadith), while contest for 400 hadiths without mentioning their sanad.

Indonesia will send 22 representatives to contest on memorizing 30, 20, 15 and 10 parts of the Quran represented by three participants for each category. Indonesia will also send 10 representatives to contest on Hadith recitation.

Mon, 10 Feb 2014



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