Muhammadiyah welcomes new US ambassador to Indonesia with criticism

muhammadiyah-prof-din-syamsuddinAmri Amrullah

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID – Chairman of Muhammadiyah Executive Board Din Syamsuddin criticized the United States government, particularly in its efforts to generalize Islam linked to hardliners and fundamentalists .

Din Syamsuddin delivered this criticism when accepting the new US Ambassador to Indonesia Robert O Blake in the Muhammadiyah headquarters in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (12/2/14).

Robert O. Blake

Robert O. Blake

“Do not look at Islam and always wrong to generalize Islam with violence and fundamentalist groups, including to use terms that are often wrong,” Din said.

Din asserted that Islam can not be generalized, including by using improper term such as the terms of al-Qaeda, terrorists and Wahhabi Islam .

According to Din, Wahabi is more suitable for groups who fight for the country of Saudi Arabia. Not for the whole world, moreover in Indonesia. “Muhammadiyah certainly does not agree with the violent groups. But we ask the US not to use the term of Wahhabi in mistaken way to certain groups in Indonesia,” he said.

Din said, the explanation was apart of the mindset improvement for the new US ambassador, that is Indonesia can not be equated with the condition in some other countries.

“As someone who had ever studied in the US, we learnt democracy there and we convey criticism of the US government,” he said.

US ambassador to Indonesia Robert O. Blake appreciated the steps that Muhammadiyah has championed the values of tolerance, nonviolence and modernity. He was a little bid questioning some things related to Islam in Indonesia, including questions about the Wahabi in Indonesia.


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