US photographer: ‘Indonesian muslim women fashion more expressive and fashionable’

Dian Pelangi and Langston Hues in Jakarta.

Dian Pelangi and Langston Hues in Jakarta.


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID – Jakarta Muslim women style of dress has been assessed by photographer Langston Hues as bolder than other countries. According to him, Jakarta Muslim women are dare to express themselves .

The US photographer found that the Indonesian Muslim women combine bold colors and styles of expression that look fashionable.

“Indonesia is the hallmark of hijabers they are dare to wear bright colors,” said Hues in Jakarta, Thursday (20/2/14 ).

The man who loves

Langston Hues

Langston Hues

to study the diversity of cultures was in Indonesia for a book project titled Modest Street Fashion. In this book he would later summarize Muslim women fashion from various countries in the form of photographs. Countries taken are the Canada, the US, Britain, France, Malaysia, Morocco, and Indonesia.

In Indonesia, Hues perpetuates the fashion style from the circles of the blogger, artist, and selebgram including Dian Pelangi. In addition to Dian, Hues will also take a photo of artist Nuri Maulida and some other Muslim women.

This occasion is considered by Dian Pelangi as an important event to introduce Indonesian Muslim women fashion to the eyes of the world because the book will be published internationally.

Republika OL
Friday, 21 Feb 2014


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