Malang’s University of Brawijaya Launches Diabetes Early Detection Tool

diab toolEko Widianto

TEMPO.CO – Universitas Brawijaya (Unibraw) in Malang, East Java, has launched an early detection tool for diabetes called “KIT GAD65”. The tool was invented as a result of the laboratory research done by researchers at the campus’ bio-science lab.

Out of the tests done, the tool has a 100-percent accuracy level and 90 percent sensitivity. “We’ve been doing the research since 1998 and have been spending up to Rp3.5 billion,” said one of the researchers, Aulanni’ am, Saturday, 1/3/14.

Aulanni’ am and his two colleagues tested the accuracy of the tool to 130 people and the result was 100 percent accurate. Previously, KIT GAD65 was tested on rabbits and rats and the result was quite convincing, they said.

Aulanni’ am said the use of the tool was simple. It takes 20 micro of blood of the patient to be dropped at its surface. Later, the tool needs buffer continuously and signal reagen to make it work optimally.

Afterwards, it takes another 30 minutes and the tool will accurately measure sugar level in blood. If two lines are shown, it means the blood sample is diabetes positive and if one line is shown, it means the blood sample is diabetes negative.

Aulanni’ am said the test on children is needed to find out the potentials of diabetes due to the genetic factor.

The Diabetes Rapid Test is planned on being massively produced, in collaboration with PT Bio Farma Tbk. One tool is estimated to be priced at Rp150,000.

Aulanni’ am said the price is cheaper than taking a test at a laboratory that can cost Rp1.8 million.

Unibraw BundaranrektoratUB


Monday, 03 March, 2014


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