The Earliest Islamic Epigraphy in the Malay Archipelago

book epigrafiEpigrafi Islam Terawal di Nusantara (The Earliest Islamic Epigraphy in the Archipelago).
Authors: Othman Mohd Yatim and Abdul Halim Nasir. Publisher: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (Malaysia), Second edition, 2007, 113pp.

THIS book explains in details about the important of tombstone and inscription to depict the existence of Muslim community in the Malay world and the history of the spread of Islam in the region.

By this, both of writers unveil various new facts on the Islamic history in various areas in the Malay archipelago that they found. For example, the new findings on the the establishment of an Islamic kingdom in the Malay world which was earlier than Pasai, namely Brunei Darussalam. This book also discusses on the possibility of Islam was spread to Brunei from China.

Besides the aforementioned new facts, the authors of this book also reveal the findings of the inscriptions in several areas of the Malay archipelago and connected them to the written historical facts.

The other interesting studies that both of the authors conducted that is the experiment to use the epigraphic materials for analyzing of the Islamic mysticism order which developed in several areas in the Malay archipelago in the past.

Besides that the element of the Islamic arts had got serious attention from the Muslim community when they carved the inscriptions, while such aspect lacks of getting attention today.
(Collection of The Brunei’s Language and Literature Bureau’s Library)

Islamia/The Brunei Times


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