Indonesian actors and crew supporting Brunei action film “Yasmine: The Final Fist”

bru film reza agusIkhwan Salleh

ORIGIN Films Sdn Bhd invited members of the media and its corporate partners to its studio yesterday, giving them a 30-second-peek at Yasmine, Brunei’s first international feature film set to thrill viewers later this year.

Present was the Bruneian director responsible for the most anticipated movie, Siti Kamaluddin who launched the official website:, giving the public a chance to view the trailer online.

Siti Kamaluddin (Center)

Siti Kamaluddin (Center)

During the simple gathering, Siti mentioned that Yasmine is set to join the Hong Kong and Cannes Film Festivals, bringing the movie into the film world and many international media such as Britain’s Monocle and The Guardian.

Agus Kuncoro with Liyana Yus and Reza Rahadian

Agus Kuncoro with Liyana Yus and Reza Rahadian

The movie, said to budget US$2 million, stars Liyana Yus, a local artist as well as Indonesian and Malaysian household names such as Dwi Sasono, Reza Rahadian, Dian P Ramlee, M Nasir and many more.

Origin Films also enlisted award-winning and well-known icons in the film industry such as Chan Man Ching as the Action Director; Salman Aristo, as the Screenplay Writer; Cesa David Lukmansyah as the Film Editor; Khikmawan Santosa as the Sound Designer; Aghi Narottama as the Music Director and Nidji as Soundtrack Writer.

The official release of Yasmine will be in August 2014.

The Brunei Times
Tue, March 18, 2014


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