MUHAMMAD SYAFI’I ANTONIO: An Expert of Islamic Finance, Banking

“… No other religion which has a complete system and easily be understood than Islam”

Dr. H. Muhammad Syafi'i Antonio

Dr. H. Muhammad Syafi’i Antonio

Name: Dr. Muhammad Syafi’i Antonio
Original name: Nio Gwan Chung alias Pilot Sagaran Antonio
Birth: 12 May 1965, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia
Ethnicity: Chinese
Nationality: Indonesia
Education: Doctoral degree in microfinance from University of Melbourne (2004), Master degree in economics from International Islamic University, Malaysia (1992), Bachelors degree in Islamic law (Shariah) from University of Jordan (1990).
Occupation: Expert, lecturer, consultant, supervisor in Islamic banking and finance, management and leadership.
Activities: Founder of Tazkia Foundation, Chairman of Tazkia University College of Islamic Economics (STEI Tazkia), member of Expert Committee/Advisory Council in Islamic banking at the Central Bank of Indonesia, Central Bank of Malaysia, Global Shariah Board of al-Mawarid Finance and Insurance of Dubai and several Indonesian private banks.
Parents: Lien Soen Nio (Hajah Suniah Badrahalim, mother) and Nio Sem Nyau (father)
Works: Bank Syariah dari Teori ke Praktek (Islamic Bank from Theory to Practice, 2001), Muhammad SAW, The Super Leader Super Manager (2005), and Sukses Besar dengan Intervensi Allah: The Power of Doa with Asmaul Husna for Success in Business and in Life (2008).
Awards: Syariah Award fro the Central Bank of Indonesia, Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) and Bank Muamalat (2003), ‘Anti-corruption & GoodGovernance Award’ (Indonesia’s Ministry of State Apparatus, 2007), ‘Arab Asia Finance Recognition Award’ (Arab Asia Finance Forum, 2008), ‘Australian Alumni Award’ in Business Leadership category (the Government of Australia, 2009), Indonesia’s ‘Islamic Book Fair Award 2009’ for his best selling book Muhammad SAW: The Super Leader Super Manager, and nominee of ‘Islamic Development Bank Prize’ (Indonesia’s the Ministry
of Finance).
Previous faith: Confucianism, Protestantism
Revert: 1984
Reason: “As a monk, my father had a bad image concerning the Muslims’s behaviour because many of them were living in poverty, backwardness and ignorance. Nevertheless, I was eager to know about Islam. Therefore, I made a comparative study with the other religions, using three approaches: historical, natural and rational, but intentionally ignoring the holy books approach in order to reach an objective result.

By using these approaches, I saw Islam as a religion that is quiet easily be understood compared to the others.

In islam, I found that all of the prophets who were sent by God taught one mission, namely ‘Tauhid’ (pure monotheism). Besides, i was interested in Al-Qur’an which is full of miracles in various aspects, including its language, composition, content, news, literray order, scientific data, etc. Islamic teaching also has a very complete and comphrehensive value system, covering systems of faith order, belief and there is no need a mediator in worship. The ritual activities in Islam are universal. It means that everything, both ritual and non-ritual actions (domestic, economic, social and cultural matters), as far as they do not violate the Islamic teaching and is aimed to glorify Allah can be categorized as a worship.

It’s proven that there is no other religion which has a complete system rather than Islam.

It’s the result of the comparative study that placing my heart in solid decision to choose Islam as a religion which be able to respond any problems of life.”


Islamia/The Brunei Times
Friday, 23 March 2012


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