AMINAH ASSILMI (1945-2010)

“For two years I studied in order to convert Muslims to Christianity”

Aminah Assilmi

Aminah Assilmi

Original name: Janice Huff
Birth: 1945
Death: March 5, 2010 in New York (in a traffic accident).
Nationality: American
Occupation: A broadcast journalist, former radical feminist, Muslim community activist, director of the International Union of Muslim Women.
Education: A degree in Recreation in Oklahoma.
Spouse: A husband with three children.
Works: My Journey to Islam: Aminah Assilmi Life Story; Choosing Islam
Activities: Involved in the release of the US’s 2001 Eid stamp and creating an educational centre for Muslim converts.
Awards: Named one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world in 2009 by the Amman-based Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre; An award-winning broadcaster in the Denver market.
Previous faith: Southern Baptist
Revert: May 21, 1977
Reason: “For two years I studied in order to convert Muslims to Christianity. But during that time I started to change. My husband began to notice that I no longer had an interest in going to bars or parties. I was content to stay home and study al-Quran. I was quiet and more distant. My husband attributed the changes in me to another man and we separated… After I moved out with my children, I was visited by a Muslim holy leader who answered my questions about Islam. He asked me if she believed in only one God and I said yes. He asked me if I believed Muhammad was His messenger. Again I said yes. He told me I was already a Muslim. I argued that I was a Christian, I was just trying to understand Islam. I couldn’t be a Muslim! I was an American and white!… We continued talking. Later he explained that attaining knowledge and understanding of spirituality was a little like climbing a ladder. The first rung on the ladder was the Shahadah, a statement of belief that there is no God but the one God and Mohammed was His messenger. The Shahadah, done before witnesses, is in the Islamic faith..”

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Islamia/The Brunei Times
Friday, 4 May 2012


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