“Islam answering my questions”

sarahjoseph6415521502Name : Sarah Joseph
Birth : 1971
Residence : London, United Kingdom
Nationality : British
Education : Theology and Religious Studies & The Dynamics of Conversion to Islam at King’s College London
Previous faith : Catholicism
Occupation : CEO and Editor of emel Muslim lifestyle magazine, writer, broadcaster, commentator and lecturer on Islam
Spouse : Mahmud al-Rashid (1992–present)
Children : Hasan (born 1996), Sumayyah (1999) and Amirah (2002)
Parents : Joe Askew (father), Valerie Askew (mother)
Awards : Order of the British Empire (2004)
Revert : 1987
Reason : “Slowly, Islam kept answering many of the questions which I had until I wanted to be a Muslim… I was a devout and practicing Roman Catholic, and my brother fell in love with a beautiful Muslim woman, and he converted to Islam in order to marry her. It didn’t really affect him at all, but it profoundly changed my life. It lead me on a path, which Allah was to make me look at Islam. The very first thing I heard from my mother in regards to his wife’s religion was, “Well, you do know that Jesus was born of a virgin in the Muslim faith.” Of course I didn’t believe her, but I happened to be in a library and I found a Quran. I looked it up in the back and read “Jesus, born of a virgin.” So it was the first point of contact with Islam. I then lost my faith in the Catholic Church, which had nothing to do with my study of Islam, but more to do with the journey I was on. It was a profound loss, and it was very painful, but I didn’t lose my faith in God, and I continued to believe. I also continued to study Islam, which was compelling. I kept asking questions, and it kept coming up with answers. To be honest, all I really ever wanted to do was to give and surrender my life to God. I suppose upon seeing a girl go into prostration was the moment when I realised that what I saw was a physical manifestation of what I knew, that Islam meant self-surrender unto God. I decided at that point to embrace Islam.”


Islamia/The Brunei Times
Friday, 30 September 2011


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