“The nature of God in Islam appealed to me”

Susan Carland

Susan Carland

Name: Susan Carland
Birth: 1980 in Melbourne, Australia
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Sociologist, lecturer at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, specializes in gender studies, youth and sociology of religion, and researcher for the Centre for Muslim Minorities and Islam Policy Studies at Monash University.
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Doctoral degree on Western Muslim women leadership challenges.
Spouse: Waleed Aly with two children
Activities: A creator and panelist on the multi-award winning Australian national network program ‘Salam Cafe’; often consulted for commentary about Islam and Muslims in a variety of mainstream media; giving the International Women’s Day address at the Victorian Parliament house in 2003; a youth worker with Grassroots, an initiative of the Islamic Council of Victoria, which aims to address and serve the specific needs of young Australian Muslims; a state-coordinator for the Train the Trainers Course in Da’wah and Dialogue.
Awards: The Australian Muslim of the Year 2004; named one of the International Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow by the UN Alliance of Civilisations (2009).
Previous faith: Christianity
Revert: 1999
Reason: “I felt the sense of intellectual liberation… I had found that Islam didn’t has that intellectual divide between mind and body and soul that I had found in Christianity… I found a faith that was peaceful,egalitarian, socially just, and with a beautiful balance of the spiritual and the intellectual… I found that the nature of God in Islam appealed to me.”

Sources: The Sydney Morning Herald;

Islamia/The Brunei Times
Friday, 15 June 2012


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