Islamic World Humanitarian Solidarity (SKDI), An umbrella movement of humanitarian solidarity for suffering Muslims


act aksi-teatrikal-dari-aktivis-lembaga-sosial-act-aksi-_120629113544-135REPUBLIKA.CO.ID – THE HUMANITARIAN Responsive Swift Action agency (ACT) held a community meeting here to raise awareness of the humanitarian tragedy that befell Muslims.

The meeting, initiated by the ACT, brings big umbrella Islamic World Humanitarian Solidarity (SKDI) . Some communities were present and expressed commitment to contribute ideas.

Fatma Mohammed, Chief Executive of the event, said that it is a manifestation of concerns about the condition of Muslims who suffered the turmoil and tragedy of humanity.

“We want to pull together in order to unite the community to help suffering Muslims in various parts of the world,” Fatma said in a written statement.

actVice President of ACT Ibn Khajar asserted that humanitarian disasters that frequently occur in domestic and foreign do not make us immune. When the tragedy was considered routine, said Ibn, a humanitarian crisis is only understood as a mere news.

“Call for solidarity of the Islamic world is directed to there. And in fact, Muslims globally experiencing massive suffering,” explained Ibn.

Sat, 22 March 2014

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