“The Inventor of the Cataract Operation”

 Ammar Ibn Ali Al-Mosuli

Ammar Ibn Ali Al-Mosuli

Name : Ammar Ibn Ali Al-Mosuli
Title : Oculist (kahhal), ophthalmologist, scientist,
Birth : 1010 in Mosul, Iraq
Death : NA
Nationality : Iraqi Arab
Occupation : Eye surgeon, oculist, ophthalmologist, researcher
Main interest : Ophthalmology, eye surgery, research.
Notable ideas : The inventor of the cataract operation by suction, using a fine hollow needle inserted through the limbus (where the cornea joins the conjunctiva). This was the best-performed operation of its time. This type of cataract operation among others is still carried out today. The operation of “couching”, i.e. violent displacement of the lens, dates back to Babylonian times, but this had its obvious complications and risks.
Works : Kitab al-Muntakhab fi ilm al-Ayn wa Mudawatiha bi’l Adwiya wal Hadid (Book of Choices in the Treatment of Eye Disease and Its Medicines and Medical Instruments), deals with anatomy, pathology and describes six case histories for cataract operation and a case of optic neuritis.



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