‘Tajussalatin’, Crown of the Sultans

kitab tajussalatinHM Subarkah

But unlike Machiavelli, at almost the same era, ie 1603 AD, in the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam, a Malay -language book questioning authority, ‘Tajussalatin’ (Crown of the Sultans), was written by Bukhari al-Jauhari. And not the same as the period of Machiavelli who wrote his book when Italy was in the period of the ‘great depression’, Tajussalatin was written when the kingdom of Aceh was in the peak of fame. Aceh became the center of international trade and Malay culture. Ruler of the kingdom when the book was written was in the hands of Sultan Sayyid al-Mukamil (1590-1604 AD), who was the grandfather of Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636 AD).

machiaThe book has a message that a leader, however, should uphold the glory attitude. Not only it’s compliant with the law, he should honor morality or ethics. The purpose of power by justifying any means, accumulating wealth, luxury living spree is not allowed at all. Most importantly, a leader must be able to distinguish good and bad for him, people, and humanity .

Well, now the prospective rulers who are now busy campaigning just choose Machiavelli or al-Jauhari way? Hopefully the people who choose it also does not provide itself to be deceived. Welcome, the Ruler!

Mon, 24 Maret 2014




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