“The Raid 2″ actor Iko Uwais: ‘The film scenes are already in line with its portion”

iko The-Raid-2-19Rizky Jaramaya

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID – After it was released to the theaters, film the Raid 2: Berandal reaps some controversy. The Film, directed by Gareth Evans, is considered to show many too sadistic and violent scenes.

In fact, in Malaysia the screening of this film has been banned. An actor of “The Raid 2”, Iko Uwais, does not bother with the pros and cons. According to him, everyone is entitled to have a different assessment of the movie’s sequel.

iko-uawis-_Republika“In my opinion, the scenes are for the interest of the film and they are already in line with its portion, if the hand contacts with the blade and the blood does not come out later, it is even weird,” Iko told Republika at the office of Merantau Films here, Tuesday (8/4/14).

Iko admits movie “The Raid 2” is more complex in terms of story as well as his fighting choreography movement. 31-year-old actor said, fighting scene in the kitchen is the longest that takes seven minutes non stop.

Republika Online
Tue, 8 April 2014

iko the_raid_2_berand




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