HASAN AIDID: “The Lion of Podium”


Hasan Aidid

Hasan Aidid

Hasan Aidid was born on the remote island of Bonerate, Selayar Regency, South Sulawesi, in 1910s. He died in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in October 1979 when he performing haj pilgrimage.

He had Arab blood from his father, while his mother came from the South Sulawesi. His wife Hj. Zubaidah Daeng Sikati comes from a Bugis royal family.

In addition, Hasan Aidid was a marine veteran and a fighter during the Indonesian revolution in the end of 1940s. He was known as the Chairman of the Anti-Communist Front (FAK) of East Java branch, an activist of the Masyumi Islamic party and a member of KNIP (Central Indonesian National Committee) as the results of the 1955 general elections.

Besides known as a businessman, he was also an orator and a da’i. People called him ‘The Lion of Podium’ because his speeches had a magnet to lure crowds of people.

Sobron Aidit, the younger brother of the Communist leader DN Aidit, in his blog told a story about a young man who protested and demanded Aidit’s apology for humiliating Islam during his speech among PKI’s supporters at a stadium in Malang, East Java. He threated if Aidit wouldn’t apologize he himself would force him to get him down from the podium. Aidit was dither and apologized. The young man was Hasan Aidid.

Prior to his death, he was active in the Dewan Da’wah Islamiah Indonesia (DDII, Indonesian Islamic Da’wah Council) led by M. Natsir in Jakarta.

Before living in Gresik, he once lived in Tegal (Central Java) and in the Arab square of Ampel in Surabaya (East Java).

He was survived by four children (one daughter and three sons), who living in Gresik. They are Muchlisa, Umar, Abdullah and Muhammad. Muchlisa lives in Bonerate.

Source: Muhammad Aidid, the fourth son of Hasan Aidid. (http://softoh-jamaah.blogspot.com/2007/10/senja-di-pelabuhan-kecil.html)


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