Brunei ready for Syariah law

brusharRasidah HAB

BRUNEI is ready to implement the Syariah Penal Code Order 2013.

Any criticisms and challenges that come with it are normal, said Deputy Dean of Faculty of Syariah and Law, Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) yesterday.

“Criticisms are normal. There will never be a 100 per cent acceptance (with regards to religion by others). We see this as a challenge to prove that what we hold is the truth,” he said.

Dr Abdurrahman Raden Aji Haqqi said this in an interview at the sideline of the closing ceremony for the two-day seminar on Understanding Syariah Criminal Law for Youth at Plenary Hall, International Convention Centre.

Brunei faced many criticisms for its decision to implement Syariah Law, however Dr Abdurrahman Raden said “We already have the determination, so trust in Allah SWT.”

Dr Abdurrahman Raden Aji Haqqi. Photo: BT/Rasidah HAB

Dr Abdurrahman Raden Aji Haqqi. Photo: BT/Rasidah HAB

Dr Abdurrahman Raden cited Surah Al-Imran, verse 139: “So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.”

He added Brunei is wise in its move to implement the law in phases, as it gave sufficient time to disseminate information on the law.

Brunei will implement Syariah Penal Code Order 2013 in phases. The first phase of the Order will be enforced on April 22. The second phase will come into force 12 months after the Syariah Courts Criminal Procedure Code is gazetted. The third phase will come 24 months after that.

A total of 1,000 youths from various educational institutions, governmental agencies and associations attended the workshop that was held as a sideline activity of the seminar. Dr Abdurrahman Raden was one of facilitator for the workshop. He also presented a working paper on the beauty of Syariah Criminal Law on the seminar’s first day. Targeted at youths, the seminar and workshop aimed at strengthening the confidence of youths in Syariah Criminal Law.

“The seminar and workshop is takzir (reminder) for the youths, to deepen their knowledge on Islamic law. This will strengthen their confidence. Previously, they only know about jenayah (criminal law) from what they learn in religious schools,” he said.

“Previously, they may have not realised the comprehensiveness of the law. Now, they are equipped with the knowledge to become the young ambassadors for the law. These youths will be the one who will give the understanding to others on what syariah law is about,” he added.

The Brunei Times
Fri, 18 April 2014


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