10 Indonesians and an Indonesian diplomat were being ‘detained ‘ at mosque by Czech police: Indonesia

Rina Atriana

TEN Indonesians and an Indonesian diplomat were examinated and detained not to be out of the mosque by the Czech police. At that time the citizens and diplomats wanted to perform Friday prayers. But in the middle of the mosque a book review on monotheism was being held. The book review that made the whole person in the mosque were ‘detained’.

Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman Michael Tene confirmed by AFP on Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) gave explanations about the incident. The incident occurred on Friday (25/4/14).

Michael Tene

Michael Tene

“Czech Police raided two mosques. The visitors of the mosque should not be out until the examination is completed,” said Tene .

Tene continued that in one of the mosques there are 10 Indonesian citizens, including an Indonesian embassy staff. The Embassy who received a report immediately contacted police and Czech Foreign Ministry to allow the Indonesian citizens to leave the mosque.

“After some time all of the citizens then allowed to go home. The Embassy had conveyed a protest to the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and demanded an explanation for the incident, ” said Tene.

“The Indonesian Foreign Ministry will also submit such matters to the Czech Embassy in Jakarta,” Tene added.

Tue, April 29, 2014




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