‘Sang Pemberani’, an Indonesian version of ‘The Karate Kid’

film sangNiken Paramita

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID – Based on the true story of a karate athlete in Aceh, the movie Sang Pemberani (The Courageous) tries to show the struggle of a boy named Madi (Ahmad Reza Hari) who emerged from the downturn after the tsunami to take his father and brother.

Although the trial came and went Madi proved his karate talent inherited from his father and brother were able to make it to become a champion.

In addition to presenting the family story, a film directed by Agung Dewa and Ryuken Raissa Alyandra promises an action through play of karate games. The producer Reza B. Surianegara even promised even Sang Pemberani as the Indonesian verion of ‘The Karate Kids’.

“The difference is this the real karate, played by the real karate athletes,” Reza said in Jakarta.

The same thing also expressed by one of the players, Edwin ‘Superbejo’ which acts as abang (older brother) Adoy.

“The theme of this film is the same as the ‘Karate Kid”s, the true story of a child who died in Aceh since the tsunami but because of the spirit and courage he could be the national champions,” he added.

The film, shot in Aceh, Bali, Jakarta, Bogor and Japan is expected to be a valuable spectacle for Indonesian children.

“A lot of dynamics in this film. Intentionally, we did make a good film, a film about education that hopefully can inspire the nation,” added executive producer Bakhtiar Rakhman.

Sun, 18 May 2014

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