‘Iman Detector’ – A message to (Bruneian) youths

doaA COUNTRY can be dangerously under a threat if its radar system does not work properly and fails to detect any incoming threat. Likewise, every Muslim individual needs to possess a more sensitive radar system to detect any threat or bad influence that could affect and ruin his/her iman (faith), aqidah (creed/piety) and Islamic values.

There must be something wrong with our “iman detector” when we, as Muslims, no longer feel bothered upon hearing our religion, Islam, its teachings and laws (Syariah) being made a joke, let alone taking part and enjoying the mockery of Islam with no guilty feeling. When people begin to change and differ amongst themselves and become negligent of many religious duties, preferring ease and following their desires, that’s when evil begins to manifest itself in them.

When one begins to doubt, question, condemn, or, even, reject the Syariah, the Law of Allah the Almighty, the Creator, the Justice Giver, then one needs to think: Have we left and neglected the clear and pure religion of Islam.

We don’t want to see any of Bruneians, especially our youth – the pillar and future leaders of the nation – to go through such a dangerous and destructive situation. If any of us experience any of these situations then our hearts might have become rusty, and need to be cleansed — once and for all.

Alhamdulillah, it is encouraging to know that the authorities always find ways to help and safeguard our youth from going astray with risky activities. The Islamic Da’wah Centre, for example, recently held an Islamic appreciation course targeted at unemployed youths or job-seekers, and said: “The course is slowly gaining popularity seen from the increased number of youths that want to join. The course shows promise of youth participation as registrations are still coming despite being closed.”

As the centre put it, it was difficult to get participants when the course first started three years ago.

It is OK that in the initial stages, the programme is targeted at unemployed youths with activities aimed at producing young generation of positive characteristics, such as those of faith, integrity, dynamism and creativity among others.

The authorities must not stop there. More such programmes need to be organised and target a much wider audience. This is a very strategic move indeed, considering the serious challenges faced by our youth. So it must be handled and managed in more elegant way and more organised manner. Other stakeholders must also play their roles in this noble cause; it is not only the duty of the Islamic Da’wah Centre. The more crucial challenge will be on how to attract and involve more and more youths in such programmes that need to be improved from time to time, to safeguard our youth from the adverse effect of modernisation and from the liberal, secular and other deviant teachings and schools of thought.

And most importantly is how to make or package the programmes so as to help make our youth more obedient towards Allah SWT. Once we have our youth reaching at this level of obedience then we are closer to achieving a Zikir Nation where its people always have their hearts and minds in the remembrance of the Creator, the All-Knowing, the All-Hearing.

The Brunei Times/Editorial
Fri, 23 May 2014




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