Surabaya Bans Alcoholic Beverage Sales at Supermarkets

alcoholDianata P Sumedi

TEMPO.CO – Surabaya Legislative Council (DPRD) has finally endorsed a bylaw that imposes a ban toward the sales of beverages containing over 0.5 percent alcohol at supermarkets and minimarts.

The endorsement of the bylaw was done during a plenary meeting at Surabaya DPRD Office, Frida.

“God willing, we can withdraw all alcoholic beverages from the supermarkets and minimarts. We have Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) in all sub-districts. They will start working on implementing the bylaw,” said Surabaya Mayor, Tri Rismaharini, who also attended the plenary meeting.

According to Risma, the bylaw is important to curb the circulation of illegal alcoholic beverages and their negative impacts. She also hoped there would be no more victims of the consumption of such beverages and believed that the bylaw would not disrupt the real sectors.

“If our intention is good, it will not be a problem. We do not ban the sales of liquors that have permits,” said Risma.

In the meantime, Deputy Speaker of Surabaya DPRD, Ahmad Suyanto, said the bylaw was made for the benefits of the people. He said Surabaya is home to many illegal liquor sales; and as a result, taxes from the sales do not go the state revenues and also trigger social problems.

“With the implementation of this bylaw, all shops, supermarkets, minimarts are forbidden to sell liquor of any types without licenses,” Suyanto said.

Sun, 25 May 2014

alcoh sby


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