Muslimahs unite at Sisterhood x Hijabella Day in Jakarta

Shea Rasol

Shea Rasol

Shea Rasol

JUST as she has done for the past two years, Dian Pelangi, who is also a sweet friend of mine, invited me to her annual Sisterhood event. This year’s event kicked off a bit differently, though. Partnering with Hijabella Magazine, they created a day for fans of Sisterhood and Hijabella to come and join in on the fun in a single event.

I was invited alongside my fellow Malaysian blogger friends, Nurul Hidayati and Raja Nadia Sabrina. The trip has always been something we can look forward to every mid-year.

Sisterhood started on a high note on the 24th of May with a performance by singer-songwriter-composer Saif Adam, hailing all the way from the UK. Saif had previously worked with a string of A-list stars such as One Direction and Rihanna, producing songs for them. Later, he decided to branch out and embark on own musical journey, creating songs of remembrance of Allah.

Saif Adam

Saif Adam

Next, we kicked off a talk between Malaysian and Indonesian bloggers, Diana Rikasari and Iymel, with a topic not many events would bring up: haters. We shared our experiences and thoughts about being verbally attacked online and how we dealt with criticism as a public figure, exposing our life quite a bit more than most would. Being in the talk myself, I felt relieved to know that I am not alone in facing hurtful comments from readers. The talk itself made me realise that these sisters also receive mentally, physically, and emotionally hateful comments; it felt really good to have us share and simply talk about it to let it out.

While the event onstage was going on inside the hall at Senayan City Mall, the bazaars buzzed outside. People from all over Indonesia flocked to shop new and preloved items that were on sale throughout the day. All things unique and fashionable sold at the booths of the various online shoppers mesmerised me. The level of creativity shown by the Indonesian Muslimah fashion scene was impressive.

Fashion shows from local brands parading stylish designs for the young took centre stage in the evening. Colourful and vibrant, every pairing had a significant style touch of its own, making each look very distinctive from one another.

Watch this video compilation of what went down on that momentous day at Sisterhood x Hijabella Day 2014.

Aquila Style
Thu, 29 May 214

(To see video, please click the link below)


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