Defending the Syariah Law (3)

Pehin Orang Kaya Lela Raja Dato Seri Laila Jasa Haji Awang Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abdul Karim

ORANG kata: 2+2=5, 2×2=7, kitani terus percaya! Hence, this observation: “JATUH MENJATUH BUDAYA MELAYU” (Ref: Utusan Malaysia, 5 March, 2002). The ISLAMIC brotherhood highlighted in the Quran is irrelevant to us!

And ponder on this: Mr Crawford, the Governor of the Straits Settlements in 1823, wrote a dispatch to the Government of India. He stated that in his observation, the ECONOMIC WORTH of the following races is thus: One Chinese is equal to two Indians or four Malays. (Ref: “The Manners and Customs of The Chinese Of The Straits Settlements” by J D Vaughan.)

Why, because basically we don’t exert ourselves. Our “bumi dipijak, disitu kita mati” has always been full of fruits, tropical shoots and rivers swarmed with fishes. “Cukup sahari, esok ada lagi. Akhirnya pergi arah citi! Orang maju, kitani dengki/benci. Sasama sendiri, berbelah bagi.”

Now, to cut it short, we are being challenged by those self-righteous human rights crusaders on the implementation of our Divine Shariah Law. These are “powerful” anti-Islam pressure group elements backed by anti-Islam Western Media. How to unite, fortify ourselves so as not to “berbelah bagi”?

To quote the Malaysian Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak: “Humanrightism, a liberal way of thinking that places human rights and (man-made) secular law above (ISLAMIC) religion……is dangerous to Islam”.

“We will never accept and give in to their demands for the right to reject ISLAM or deny the implementation of ISLAMIC teachings, which have been done through Syariah Law” (“Nation Must Combat Liberalism”, New Straits Times,14 May 2014).

By the way, in this New Straits Times, May 20, 2014, page 15, there is an excellent robust defence for Brunei Darussalam against those Western-Secularists’ attacks on the implementation of our Syariah Law. (Ref: “Seeing The Stars, Not The Light” by Syed Nadzri, an award-winning columnist. NST, May 20,2014)

Humanly, we don’t expect to be able to win over those anti-ISLAM/MUSLIMS crusaders, but only Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala Decides and Determines What, When and How changes and events happen to mankind and the entire world. So, we must fortify ourselves with KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE in strongly advocating ISLAMIC SYARIAH LAW to the world. Hence these verses:

“With clear arguments and Scriptures and Reminder that thou may make clear to men that which has been revealed to them, and that gladly they may reflect.”Verse 44: Surah Al Nahl (The Bee) (16)

“Call to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation and argue with them in the best manner”. Verse 25: Surah Al-Nahl (The Bee) (16)

Clearly, the Divine Advice “call to the way of thy Lord with wisdom” and “argue with them in the best manner” should have made us ensure from the beginning that we possess the deep and wide knowledge of ISLAM/SYARIAH LAW. But that alone is insufficient, we need to be rich in the eloquence of fortifying our explanations, answers and statements; we cannot be amateurish. No second rate quality is acceptable, the attitude of “kalau tak ada rotan, akar pun jadilah” is self-defeating! We must not just have “rotan”, we must have “steel wires”!

Not surprisingly, our “half-baked knowledge is self-destructive.” Sadly, it is not shocking that these weaknesses have been exploited by the enemies of ISLAM, they’ve even become a tongue-in-cheek pun amongst critical locals on the knowledge /expertise weakness; their quality lacunae.

Man-made laws are complex, but Divine Laws are more challenging, intriguing and sublimely strict in application: no margin or room for errors, no favour and fear, because the implementers (the Syariah Authority) are directly answerable to Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala.

Thus, the pun which went round was on words such as “Masjid”, “Haji” & “Azan” which due to half-baked explanations have become the items of “cynical debate” amongst those “interested”. How could the words “Masjid”, “Haji” and “Azan” be “haram” for our non-Muslim friends to utter them, when these words have been part of the integral socio-cultural-administrative lingua franca for years amongst the Muslims and non-Muslims. Let’s take “Masjid” for example, I believe dozens of Brunei’s mosques have been built by non-Muslim contractors and workers. As for “Azan”, what is the accurate word to substitute it with: “Azan = orang panggil sembah Tuhan“?!

Furthermore, what about those would be reverts to ISLAM? They have to learn and be guided on practicing the Shahadah.

They have to practice it consistently and memorise it, before the actual time for their voluntary utterance of solemnly accepting ISLAM.

The Brunei Times
Thu, 5 June 2014

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