MUI to remain neutral in presidential election 2014

Koalisi parpol islamAntara

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID — The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) assured that it will remain neutral in the upcoming presidential election, which becomes a competition for two presidential and vice presidential candidate pairs.

“MUI as an institution will be neutral, but we encourage people to vote in accordance to their choice,” MUI Chairman Din Syamsuddin stated here on Thursday.

Din remarked that the Indonesian people should make the presidential and vice presidential election as an important agenda, and therefore, the people should exercise their right to vote.

Din also added that the MUI expects Muslims to be more careful while choosing a presidential and vice-presidential candidate.

“Muslims should consider who is more honest, religious, fair, and responsible,” he reiterated.

“The personality of the candidates should not only be symbolic, but he should be actually committed and especially pious. For MUI, this is the most important thing, especially the one who has ‘akhlakul karimah’ (good morals),” he emphasized.

Din then requested the Indonesian people not to overly support one of the candidates.

“The MUI observes such developments as something unhealthy. So we hope that the people will not exceedingly support one of the candidates, “he noted.

Thu, 5 June 2014


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