Hijab – my identity

hijbAbir Ahmed

THIS is for the women who cry, why do they wonder,
why do they feel shy
“O! Ye women”, a piece of cloth that you wrap
all your life you have regard it as a symbol of trap!

Then, there are those whose eyes are filled with pride
they stand distinct, they stand aside
as they pass by; all glares stupefy
you judge her by clothing
does not understand the power within
refraining from the worldly things
she moulds herself in what the Quran brings…..
tell those who do not follow,
for the hell of fire would swallow!

I’m an individual, I’m distinct
like all the others, not ignorant
I can cross the mountains or the seas,
roam around the world
and Almighty’s blessings proceed!!

How does it matter if my body is covered
it’s not degrading my soul, nor am I a sinner!
I live in this light of purity
I’m nobody’s slave but God’s
who assures surety.

Man doesn’t tell me to dress this way
It’s the law of the lord that I obey.
I’m an individual, I’m distinct
like all the others not ignorant.

When I walk along the way,
The people just stare at me in dismay.
May be they think that I’m not free
Just because I wear a head scarf on me.

So, when you pass me walking down the street
Don’t think that I’m forced to cover myself up to my feet,
I feel proud and tall when I wear my clothe
Because I’ve nothing at all to show and expose.

So, if you ever see me and hear my voice
Just know that what I wear is only my choice.
Being distinct, not ignorant- That’s me!!
Living in liberty, my hijab my identity.

Abir Ahmed is a New Delhi-based journalist

Islamia/The Brunei Times
Fri, 16 May 2014



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