Two Indonesians detained on suspicion of ‘khalwat’

Md Khairuddin Pg Harun

TWO foreign couples were detained on suspicion of khalwat (close proximity) during a raid in Mukim Lumapas by the Immigration and National Registration Department and the Religious Enforcement Division on Monday.

According to a press release issued by Immigration and National Registration Department, the two men and two women failed to prove that they are legally married. Hence the case was referred to the Religious Enforcement Division which is treating it as khalwat.

The release said that one of the couples admitted that they were not husband and wife, the statement said.

When contacted last night, the Religious Enforcement Division could not immediately confirm if the khalwat case would go through the Syariah Court.

Khalwat falls under Part IV Section IV General Offences of the Syariah Penal Code Order, 2013 implemented last month.

As many as 12 foreign workers, including four suspected of khalwat, were detained in Ops Kikis conducted by 14 immigration and eight Religious Enforcement Division officers, the press release added

Five Indonesians – two women and three men – were brought to court on the same day and received their sentences for overstaying in the country after their immigration passes had expired. Another Indonesian woman is awaiting sentencing while three men and a woman are still under investigation.

The aim of the inspection was to implement the special operation based on the information collected with the cooperation of members of the public as well as to enforce the Immigration Acts and Regulations and Passport Act and Regulation.

The press release said that foreign nationals in the country are reminded not to misuse their immigration passes and they should only work with the employer stated in their passports.

Local traders are also reminded that they should not hire immigration offenders as legal action can be taken against them, said the press release.

The Immigration and National Registration Department would like to remind employers to ensure their employees have valid immigration passes.

The Brunei Times
Wednesday, June 18, 2014


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