Jokowi supporting newspaper ‘The Jakarta Post’ is not enough just to apologize for the mistake, but it also must undergo a legal process – Muslim scholar

karikatur-jakarta-post-edisi-kamis-3-juli-2014Mansyur Faqih

THE Jakarta Post published caricature deemed to trigger unrest because the image was judged to have desecrating Islam.

“The caricature could trigger riots because visually apparent once had desecrated Islam. Leading newspaper in 2008 in Denmark, Jyllands-Posten caricatures ever contain an insult to Prophet Muhammad. Suddenly anger throughout the Islamic world, including Indonesia,” said media analyst of the Yogyakarta’s UIN (Islamic State University) Sunan Kalidjaga Iswandi Syahputra in a statement on Tuesday (8/7/14).

He even suspected, the caricature not only desecrating Islam, but also politically charged. Remember, previously there is a statement about the dangers of hardline Islamist stronghold Prabowo from Catholic pastor Frans Magnis Suseno.

“Drawing caricatures is also heading there. Moreover, all people understand The Jakarta Post openly supported Jokowi as a candidate. The desecration is unfortunately happened to this Ramadan,” he said.

Iswandi suspect, deliberately published the cartoons as a danger message alleged Islamist support as a presidential candidate Prabowo. It could be due to bias it to a foreign newspaper.

The Jakarta Post seemed very frightened if Prabowo to be elected president. Or it could just the Jokowi camp used The Jakarta Post‘s support to conduct black propaganda for the sake of his presidential ambitions. So, its news policy is off side,” he said.

He emphasized, The Jakarta Post is not enough just to apologize for the mistake, but it also must undergo a legal process. “The offenses are very hard. Otherwise, I fear Muslims will be angry. Moreover, this is the month of fasting and high political tension anymore,” he said.

Previously, caricature The Jakarta Post, issued of Thursday, July 3 and condemnation. In Opinion published in the rubric on page 7, caricature emblazoned with images of Islamic symbols in a large enough size. The caricature depicts a flag with Islamic holy phrase (lafadz) ‘laa ilaha illallah’ with skull logo attached on the flag.

Lafaz tahlil also be combined with distinctive skull pirate flag. Then, right in the middle of the skull, lettering ‘Allah, the Prophet, Muhammad’.

The image contains a caricature in some scenes. The first scene featuring five people in a kneeling position with eyes closed and hands tied in a cloth behind the weapon mugged position.

To five people behind it stood a bearded and turbaned men brandishing rifles at them, as if ready to execute.

Republika Online
8 July 2014

The Jakarta Post‘s apology:

We sincerely apologize for and retract the editorial cartoon printed on page 7 in the July 3, 2014, edition of The Jakarta Post.

The cartoon contained religious symbolism that may have been offensive.

The Post regrets the error in judgment, which was in no way meant to malign or be disrespectful of any religion.

Our intent was to critique the use of religious symbols (specifically the ISIL flag) in acts of violence in general and, in this case, against fellow Muslims. In particular, it was meant as a reproach of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which has threatened to attack the Holy Ka’bah in Mecca as part of its political agenda.

— The Editor

The Jakarta Post
8 July 2014


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