Indonesian Presidential candidate Prabowo accuses ‘The Jakarta Post’ undemocratic, jerk

jpErik Purnama Putra

PRESIDENTIAL candidate of the Red and White Coalition Prabowo Subianto opened interview with foreign media at the Freedom Institute, Monday (14/7). The Hatta Rajasa pair was accidentally opened the debriefing room for foreign media after the declaration event of a permanent coalition of Red and White at the Proclamation Monument in Central Jakarta.

Prabowo was standing at the podium that has been provided in one room. He answered a few questions from foreign journalists. On one occasion, a woman journalist from The Jakarta Post media posed a question in English.

The journalist mentions her name and then his media. “From The Jakarta Post. To clarify ..,” he said. Journalist’s question was cut off.

Prabowo hurried remarks, also in English. “From Jakarta Post? Jakarta Post is already untie me. Why do you have to ask questions? You’re not going to publish it,” said the former commander of the Army Strategic Reserve Command.

The journalist chuckled and promised to publish it. However Prabowo still persists with his attitude. “I’m very open. The Jakarta Post has been clearly partisan. They always publish half at my ease. Sorry,” said the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gerindra.

Get answers Prabowo, the journalist was still trying to ask questions. But Prabowo budged. “Thank you. I’m sorry. Jakarta Post, I do not want to answer. Sorry,” said the former commander of Kopassus (Army’s Special Forces Command).

The journalist then replied, “At least I’ve tried.” Prabowo still have an answer to that statement. “Yes you’ve tried. It is not your fault, but the owner of your media,” Prabowo said, laughing.

In the end Prabowo did not answer the questions of the journalists by the Jakarta Post. He still had time to respond to the reporter by saying, no longer works for the media carrying the democratic principle. “Because your media owner does not uphold democracy,” says Prabowo.

While the question and answer session goes on. Prabowo still serve inquiries from other media. As known, The Jakarta Post decided to support Jokowi-JK in presidential elections on July 9. The English-language newspaper affirmed to support one candidate in an editorial column.

Mon, 14 July 2014


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