108 Media Takes Worldwide Sales Rights to Bruneian Action Movie ‘Yasmine’

bru film yasmine

Siti Kamaluddin’s martial arts pic is the Muslim-majority sultanate’s first commercial movie set for a North American release.

Etan Vlessing

CANADIAN indie distributor 108 Media has picked up the worldwide sales rights to Brunei’s first commercial movie.

Yasmine, a coming-of-age martial arts film by the Muslim-majority sultanate’s first female director, Siti Kamaluddin, is to have its North American premiere on Friday at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal.

Ahead of that Canadian screening, 108 Media acquired the sales rights to the Liyana Yus-starrer about Yasmine, a young woman who lives alone with her strict father and wants to be a champion at Silat, Brunei’s version of kung fu.

The Canadian distributor plans a North American release for Yasmine, which bowed at the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival and won the award for best Asian film.

Kamaluddin’s debut feature includes stunt work choreographed by Chan Man Ching, who worked with Jackie Chan on Supercop and Drunken Master 2.

The deal for the Malay-language answer to The Karate Kid was hammered out by Jordan Nutson for 108 Media and Din Kamaluddin for Origin Films.

The Hollywood Reporter
Thu, 24 july 2014

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