Israel loses war on all fronts

israel“WE MUST defeat Hamas – next time”, the headline in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz is the most serious indictment of the Zionist misadventure in Gaza. In fact, this has been Israel’s most self-defeating war. Backed by world’s most monstrous war machine, it has failed militarily, politically, strategically and on the diplomatic front it has been a disaster.

The main objective of the massive military operations was to reduce the resistance capability of Hamas and make it politically irrelevant. Exactly opposite of this has happened.

After relentless and indiscriminate military operation for more than three weeks, Hamas is very much there. In fact, it has emerged more powerful – both politically and militarily.

One of the most significant aspects of this Israeli misadventure is the heavy loss the Zionist army has suffered. So far Israeli death toll from 25 days of attacks at 66, Hamas says the number at more than 150.

Apart from inflicting heavy damage, Hamas has been able to wear down the Israeli army. Tired and humiliated, the Israeli army has already started withdrawing from the Gaza without diminishing the Hamas capability to hit Israeli cities. The Israeli narrative of “right to self-defence” has been completely rejected by the international community.

The biggest setback came when international airlines began cancelling their flights to Tel Aviv. Although the flight ban was for a short period, this had very telling effect on the Israeli psyche as for the first time they could sense international isolation and the fear that if the conflict spreads, they have no escape route.

On the other hand, Hamas has emerged the hero of resistance against Israel’s illegal war. Instead of weakening Hamas’ sovereignty over Gaza, the Israeli assault has consolidated Hamas’ political grip. In the end, it’s Israel which is the real loser, both on the war and diplomatic fronts.

The Brunei Times/Editorial
Tuesday, August 5, 2014


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