Algebra of violence in the Mideast (3)

Pehin Orang Kaya Lela Raja Dato Seri Laila Jasa Haji Awang Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abdul Karim

WHAT about this: In February 1994, a Jewish settler, Dr Baruch Goldstein, with a gun and hand grenades, entered the Ibrahim Mosque during Friday dawn prayers. Opening fire, Goldstein killed 29 Muslim worshipers and wounded 125. Eventually he was overpowered by the Palestinians in the mosque and killed.

Zionist atrocities, brutalities and their policy of “mowing the lawn in Gaza” is completely summarised by Professor Noam Chomsky on TV “Democracy Now”(USA) interview on August 7, 2014 as follows: Hideous, sadistic, vicious without any credible pretext.” And UK Channel 4 News exposed Israel’s military murdering children on Gaza beach, July 16,2014. Its reporter Jonathan Miller, described the killing of these children by shells from the Israeli gun-boat.

On top of these recent sufferings in lives, mental, material and land being endured by the Palestinians shown on TVs and iPads, was the CNN News report of September 3, 2014, and the AP report of the same day about the beginning of the trail in Washington of four Blackwater security guards for the fatal shootings of more than 30 Iraqis at Nisoor Square, Iraq, on September 16, 2007. These security guards really committed violent acts on innocent Iraqis. Certainly these violent acts must have radicalised the minds and hearts of those Iraqis. But where were those so-called human rights activists?!

Useful books are:

“A Bloody Business-America’s War Zone Contractors and the Occupation of Iraq” by Colonel General Schumacher of United States Army Special Forces (Retired).

“Blackwater-The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army” by Jeremy Scahill.

The main thrust of adducing a random sample of these apartheid statements of the Zionist leaders, of their atrocities on the lives of the Palestinians’ houses, schools, mosques, apartments, electrical supply, water supply, the sewerage system, the regular stealing of Palestinians’ lands is to expose the destructive double standards of those self-righteous Human Rights activists, those lesbians-gays-bisexuals-transgender (LGBT)-atheists who vociferously attack Syariah Law, who hate everything Islam-Muslims, even Muslims’ financial-economic assets/investments in USA and UK. These investments provide employment and income to their US and UK workers.

Why are these activists “deaf, blind and dumb, they have no sense” (Al-Quran 2:18 and 2: 171) against those Zionists, against those Blackwater mercenary army’s brutalities? The curt answer is given by Professor Samuel Huntington. Professor Huntington is the famous author of that book: “The Clash of Civilizations”. Professor Huntington reminded the Western powers as follows:

“The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion, but rather by its superiority in applying organised violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.”

The Western media, the Western official “excuse” on this “organised violence” on the deaths, on the destruction of the economic assets of Muslims is invariably just pure “collateral damage”.

But the self-destructive consequence of these historical and current brutalities against Muslims and their economic assets has been the breeding of “revenge fighters’ whose dastard, violent activities and actions have been inflicting self-injury to the soul of Islam. Islam is submission to Allah SWT (Al Quran: 2:112; 3: 84-85)

Islam instructs mankind to do good, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong. (Al-Quran 3:104)

Islam instructs mankind to be humble, nor insolent.

“And swell not your cheek (for pride) at men, nor walk in insolence through the earth; for Allah loves not any arrogant boaster” (Al Quran: Surah Luqman (31): Verse 18

Islam protects non-Muslims. (Al Quran 9:6); place non-Muslims in secure places (Al Quran 9:6); giving judgment with justice (Al-Quran 4:58); brotherhood of mankind (Al Quran 49:13)

In short, Islam encompasses: justice, trust, kindness, empathy, human cooperation, safety and economic progress. . In his book “Islamic Law-Its Scope and Equity, Prof Said Ramadan highlights this Hadith:

“Beware, whosoever is cruel, and hard on a (non-Muslim subject) or curtails his rights, or burdens him, taking his property against his free will, I shall myself be a plaintiff against him on the Day of Judgment.”

The vital point here is that Islam is totally against any form of violence on any human beings, even against the destruction of the environment.

“And help one another in righteousness and piety, help not one another in sin and aggression and keep your duty to Allah. Surely Allah is severe in requiting (evil).” (Al Quran: Surah Al-Maidah or The Table Spread 5: Verse2)

Thus, the “sudden appearance” of the new brutal, sadistic, vengeful devil-evil “ISIS forces” has created another grave problem to the best humane values of Islam, briefly mentioned above.

It seems that the “sudden appearance of IS forces (ISIS) is like the mythical beheading of Hydra which reproduces multiple evil tentacles. It seems that the elimination of sadistic Saddam Hussein has created several vengeful devils-evils such as the IS forces (that Iblis-Syaitan forces!) who are destroying the reputation of Islam, and thereby has increased the intensity of Islamophobia in the West. For example, even a Christian Pastor of Northern Ireland, James McConnel, declared in a sermon that: “Islam was heathen …… Satanic….. a religion spawned in hell…”

Even Peter Robinson, Northern Ireland’s Unionist First Minister, supported Pastor James Mc Connel’s outburst saying a cleric was entitled to denounce false doctrine, that Muslims engaged in violence or practice Syariah Law; hence he said he did not trust Muslims.” (The Economist, June 14, 2014)

Refer also: “The Myth of the Muslims Tide” by Doug Saunders.

“The New Religious Intolerance-Overcoming The Politics of Fear in An Anxious Age” by Martha C Nussbaum.

It is therefore grossly wrong to call IS forces as “Islamic State” forces. They are just vengeful, violent, murderous rogue evils who destroy Islam. They intensify hatred against Islam. They increase the cycle of violence and retribution. They behave like those Zionist forces. The only vital difference is that Zionist atrocities do not destroy the image of Islam.

It is vital to remind the world herein that the pure “Islamic State”” in Islam is about justice against injustice; justice founded in the Al Quran and the Sunnah, in the Syariah Law.

Thus, we must totally eliminate this IS evil-devil forces to protect pure Islam, to protect the best image of Islam to which thousands of educated, professional, famous Western individuals have reverted, and are reverting annually.

Thus, certainly the evil-devil atrocities of those IS marauders is totally against the pure values of Islam and has intensified Western Islamaphobia.

We shall deal with this hatred for the “practice of the Syariah Law” later below in relation to MIB Brunei Darussalam. But the usual question is this: Much as we absolutely detest the evil-devil actions and activities of those marauding anti-Islam thugs of “IS”, why are those anti-Islam-anti-Muslim activists so “dumb, so deaf, so blind” to the endless atrocities, vile acts of economic destruction committed by the Zionist army, by the Jewish settlers? Brazen acts of violence and retribution, the evil of “clash of civilizations” as termed by Professor Huntington.

These anti-Islam-anti-Muslim activists are pathologically vilifying the Syariah Law. Their pathological hatred has reached the shores of MIB Brunei Darussalam when it introduced in May 2014 the long-standing Syariah Law.

These activists vociferously attacked our Monarch, the Brunei Darussalam Sovereign Wealth investment assets in Los Angeles and of course the introduction of the Syariah Law.

The Brunei Times,
Wednesday, 29 October 2014




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